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Hotel Crux
Hotel owners are busy people who wear many hats while providing quality service with a smile. We help you deliver on that promise with efficiency and ease of use. We understand the hospitality business:
Our property management software allowing you spend more quality time with your guests, while we take care of distribution and room management.
Hotel Crux
Save time managing your property so you can spend more time helping your guests
Hotel Crux Maximize room booking with the ability to schedule both days and nights sales Hotel Crux Automate the distribution of your rooms to online travel agencies Hotel Crux Manage your hotel from anywhere at any time Hotel Crux Convert your website visitors to reservations with our free booking engine Hotel Crux Have everything in one place – a cloud solution accessible from anywhere that combines property management, booking engine, and online travel agency integration Hotel Crux Access 24/7 free online support.
Hotel owners want to spend less time on administrative tasks like emails, manual reservations, dealing with travel agencies, managing beds, and other time-consuming activities. But they also want to deliver a comfortable, unique experience for their guests. By using Hotel Crux, they can take care of office tasks more efficiently, and spend more time with guests, while knowing they are automatically maximizing revenues per bed.
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