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In the today’s interconnected world people are travelling more than ever before. The modern traveller can go to places way quicker and for same day return trips. Budget travelling by air, rail and road make it possible for us to easily meet clients and friends in different cities or across the country.

Tradition hotels fail to meet modern traveller needs. For travellers who don’t need to spend the night, as they plan to go back home same day and only need the room for a few hours to get rest or freshen-up. There are families visiting the city for shopping, sightseeing or travellers with long layover. Do not miss on those clients, be the change to comfort day visitors to stand out while earning extra revenue.

Hotels were selling rooms only by night as the technology to do otherwise was not available, up until HotelCrux launch flexible booking system with which you can sell same room twice, possibility to add-on early checkin or late checkout. Which earn you as an hotelier extra revenue and new clients.

Your hotel can now provide this solution with HotelCrux flexible day/night reservation feature.

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